The North Kent Lawn Tennis Association was founded in early 1936.  The seventeen founding member clubs were:

Barnehurst Clubhouse, Bostall Estates, Chiltonian, Clydonia, Harvey’s Sports, Hillcroft, Powis, Royal Arsenal Co-operative Society (RACS), Royal Ordanance Factory Sports Association (ROFSA),  Siemen’s Standard Telephones and Cables (STC), Stone’s, UGB, Vicker’s Crayford Dartford (VCD), Welling, Woolwich Borough Council and Woolwich Garrison Sargeants.

The first League match took place on 29 April 1936 at Church Manorway, Plumstead, where ROSFA were at home to Welling.

All League matches were Mixed Doubles, played in two Divisions (or Zones) based on the geographical location of the clubs’ grounds.  Each team consisted of three pairs.

Bostall Estates and Harvey’s Sports would go on to be the first North Kent Division Champions for 1936.

The first North Kent LTA trophies were provided by the Kent County Playing Fields Association. The Marquis of Camden Cup and the Lord Cornwallis Cup were awarded respectively to the winners of a Men’s Doubles and Ladies’ Doubles Competition, played on a knock-out basis. Each Club was allowed one entry per event.

The inaugural Cup Finals were held on 29 August 1936 at Rectory Field, Blackheath.  The first winners of the Camden Cup (Men’s Doubles) were Bostall Estates, defeating Welling 6-3, 6-0. Welling were, however, the first winners of the Cornwallis Cup (Ladies’ Doubles) defeating ROFSA 6-3, 6-2.

1949 saw the introduction of a Men’s Singles and Ladies’ Singles Competition, on a knock-out basis.

In late 1950, a Men’s Doubles Winter League Competition (only two pairs) was introduced on a trial basis.  Shooters Hill were the first winners in early 1951.  Following the success of the Winter Competition, Men’s Doubles Leagues (three pairs) were introduced that Summer, organised into three Divisions.

It was not until 1964 that a Ladies’ Doubles League was introduced.  A single Division of five teams was won by Upper Sydenham.